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What is AWT technology?


America Welcome Inc uses AWT, a complex technology, the result of 30 years of experience and upgrades, a combination of finance and purchasing process.

This technology is not applicable to all business and merchandise sectors.

AWT does not require a large investment.

AWT does not require personal guarantees.

AWT cannot be used by Realtors, Banks, Private Investors … therefore, they don’t know it.

You will be the business owner.

Your business will have the debt for the purchase.

You will be able to pay all the expenses and your salary as the owner on month one.

You will be able to pay the debt with the investor.

The interest rate will be proportioned to the project, according to regulations.

We will seek the fastest and most convenient way to extinguish the debt.

We can manage your business for the first few months, while you arrange your re-location.

We cannot be more precise because the numbers depend on the specific solution to your project.

We all know a healthy company cannot be bought without money. But there are solutions.

Same way as we all know that cows cannot fly … but if we load one on a plane, it will fly!

This just to make you understand that there are complex solutions that can help you buy a profitable business with little cash!

Of course, this is not for everyone and one cannot buy any business, but among the many one needs to look for the right option.

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