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How TAW acquisition / financing technology works


Some would define us as Real Estate Agents who recommend businesses.

However, WE ARE NOT AGENTS, we do not have any business to sell. We work with American Real Estate Agents who, AFTER A SPECIFIC REQUEST, help us find the REQUESTED business from our client.

Once the business CANDIDATE is identified, since the agent does not take responsibility for the numbers the owner communicated to him, we hand all the paperwork over to a CPA (certified accountant), who double-checks that the budgets are realistic.

Most often they are not, so we prepare the project.

If the real numbers suits the costumer, and if he/she likes the activity and the location, we make sure that 99% of the funding is possible and have a local (certified) lawyer prepare the paperwork.

In case the buyer needs immigration, these needs are also addressed in the overall project and verified by the buyer’s immigration attorney before the project starts.

At this stage, negotiations in line with our TAW technology start. These will bring us the desired result, as promised to our customer:

– Purchasing the company with only 2-3% down

– Zero debts

– $ 3 and $ 10 million turnover

– With assets

– With EBITDA (profit before taxes) above $ 500,000 a year

– Competent employees

– Initial help with the seller

– Company Price Payment < of $ 400,000 a year taken from the company's profits - a coaching program for the expansion technology and the correct passage from one owner to another - payment in 3/4 years –We DO NOT have ready operations.

We work on demand to tailor the operation to our customer’s needs.

We guarantee that the new owner will earn $ 5,000 – $ 15,000 from the first month, as well as an easy loan payment for the company.

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