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Want to expand your business?

Buy a $ 3/5 million business, we make you have financing up to 98%!

No personal guarantees or big capital needed!!!!

America Welcome Inc aims to meet the needs of business owners who wish to expand into USA.

We use a 30-year-old financial technology and keep it up-to-date to allow the company to self-finance itself.

America Welcome Inc finds solutions to make entrepreneurs lives easier.

Many have the dream to work in the USA, but hundreds of thousands of dollars are needed to buy a healthy business.

America Welcome Inc is pleased to offer its special merger and acquisition consultancy and provides its special technology to:

– finance the first payment of the company, thereby without limit the owner with personal guarantees

– create the self-financing for the company to repay in 3/4 years

– ensure that you will get an expansion after you buy it


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