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These notes were found on the internet so they are only indicative. We advise you to speak with an experienced immigration attorney to get an in-depth analysis of your situation and find the right strategy through our acquisition / financing technology.

There are two types of visas: (1) non-immigrant visa (2) visa for immigrants (for those who intend to enter the USA for a limited period, generally for work, and then return home).

In some cases, an individual who has a non-immigrant status in the USA may change his visa to an immigration visa.

The most common types of non-immigrant visas are:

Tourist/Business B1/2 Visa – These visas can generally be obtained at local consulates. If, after coming to the USA with a tourist visa, a customer wishes to stay, he/she may apply to extend the visa.

Alternatively, a visa can be changed into one with longer duration, always following a professional’s advice.

E-Visa can be used to conduct trade between the USA and countries with which they have a treaty or to control US money investing (E-2 “Investor Visa”).

An E-1 Visa could be used if one wishes to come to the USA to create a company that will bring substantial trade between his country of origin and the USA.

An E-2 Visa could be used if a foreign citizen wishes to come to the USA to invest money.

A H-1B Visa can be requested if you have a university degree or equivalent experience in a “specialized occupation” or an occupation that requires a specialized body of knowledge. To be eligible for an H-1B, an American employer must be willing to sponsor and employ the customer. However, the employer must prove that it did not find an American citizen for that specific place.

A L-Visa allows foreign company employees to temporarily move to the USA to assist or start operations in the country. Persons moving to the USA must have been employed by the foreign company as executives, for at least one (1) year in the last three (3) years.

If you own an enterprise in another country and want to move to the USA and start an activity you should consider the L-Visa.

The following factors help determining whether an individual is eligible for national interests:

Can this person help to improve the economy?

Can this person help to improve wages and working conditions of American workers?

Can this person help improve education and training programs for Americans?

Can this person help improve health?

Can the company help provide cheaper housing for Americans?

Can this person help to improve the environment?

Did the company receive a support request from a US government agency?

Exceptions to national interests are generally applicable and could be considered for scientific researchers, house builders, entrepreneurs, health specialists, and so on.

We recommend to always consult an experienced lawyer on these issues.

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